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Elect Sid Robinson for Upland City Council

Upland has made unparalleled strides forward during the time I've been fortunate to serve on the Upland City Council. This, of course, is because of a City Council and two city managers that have had the vision and discipline to work as a team toward the ultimate goal of making our city a better place to live, work and play.

As I’ve frequently said, the key to Upland’s success is stable cohesive leadership and smart management. The behavior of the Council is critical if we are to continue our momentum. We need to get the job done. This approach is starting to pay dividends. We will not always agree, but the focus must always be about the big picture – our city.

We are making significant progress, but there is a long way to go. Just since the start of 2017, we have virtually eliminated the presence of illegal marijuana dispensaries. We’ve created ordinances to allow for tough enforcement of illegal activities at massager parlors, and we are cleaning up our streets with new policies that are designed to reduce blight and improve our quality of life.

We’ve restored and renovated Upland’s main thoroughfares, and plans are in place to continue road repairs throughout the city in the coming years, along with an aggressive alley repair and reconstruction plan to address roadways and sidewalks that have been ignored for many years.

Couple with improvements with positive additions on our police force and greatly enhanced fire protection services through Upland’s annexation of its fire department to San Bernardino County, things are definitely looking better for our future.

We’re adding and modernizing the city’s retail centers, and we are renovating Memorial Park to become a destination where people will want to bring their families.

Furthermore, the city budget is in better shape than it was prior to last year, although we still have substantial revenue needs if we are to continue to repair streets and sidewalks, trim trees and add more police personnel.

Central to all of this is the addition of a new city manager who will help Upland shine.

Nevertheless, we still have serious challenges, including continued responsible management of our city budget, and the issue of homelessness that plagues all communities. I firmly believe we need to be compassionate to those without homes, but not at the expense of our community – the people who have chosen own homes in Upland. We need to be tough on panhandlers and those who break the law or disrespect our city. I'm working closely with staff to address these and related issues.

I know I am making a positive difference in Upland, and I ask that you continue to support my efforts to do the work necessary to return Upland to its glory as the “City of Gracious Living.”

I am always available to talk, answer questions or simply hear what you have to say to improve Upland. Please call or write, or if you prefer, we can meet and chat in person. I welcome your input, suggestions and feedback.

I also humbly ask for your support. Your contribution – made payable to “Sid Robinson for Upland City Council 2018” – will help me raise the funds that are critical for me to successfully pursue this elected position and continue to positively impact change in Upland.

Thanks in advance for your encouragement and generous support. Please contact me with any questions at Sid4Upland@outlook.com, follow me on Twitter at @Sid4Upland and like my page on Facebook at /Sid4Upland.

Thank you and best wishes,

Sid Robinson

Candidate for Upland City Council 2018

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